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2. Predstavitve, 24.- 30.september 2012


1. teden

Delo v učnih krogih se začne z dobrodošlico skrbnika učnega kroga.Učitelji in učenci/dijaki pripravijo svojo predstavitev s fotografijo po dogovorjenih kriterijih.





Povezave k predstavitvam:








Comments (2)

Bob Hofman said

at 12:08 pm on Sep 30, 2012

Dober dan dear friends in Slovenia, hvala lepa for all your Circle introductions so far.
It make me happy to read all your postings on this Sunday morning.
Google translate helps me to grasp your writings haha... not all words however, as some phrases and words are translated in a very funny way 
At this moment I’m reviewing a document on implementation of 21st century skills; a search for ways to address them in a meaningful way.
Well, working with Darja on analyzing and improving the circle methodology convinces us that your work and allwoing your students to be a part of this amazing collaborative proces of learning is so much worthwhile your time, energy and efforts. Inclusive learning were we prove how diversity offers wealth in education and technology can enrich our learning.
Have a super Sunday and enjoy your Learning Circle flow :-)

Bob Hofman said

at 2:50 pm on Sep 26, 2012

Hi from Nizozemska.... nice to see first introductions from Lubljana arrive... familiar names and places.
looking forward to see a lot photo's too....
Here in Holland is wet and grey now, autumn arrived early..... but I LOVE the changing colors in nature.
Many greetings, Lp Bob

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